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I'm still very new to Lightwave, so please bear with me. I've created a very detailed scene and I'm trying to put out a high quality render for large format print. When I render at 4200x1800, I get a poor quality display after 3 minutes/39 seconds. I actually want to render at 11850x4800, but if I do anything above 4200x1800, it doesn't give me a display after the render status window says it's finished. I am working on a 3.2 GHz pentium, 2 Gig ram, running WindowsXP. Am I not waiting long enough for the window to display? I tryed a render at 9000x3600, the status window said it was complete and I let it go for 7+ hours and it still didn't give me a display. Please Help... I'm on deadline and very frustrated.
For large renders, you never want to rely on the image
viewer to view and save your image. If you specify an
output format and filename in the render options, set
the render frame range to one frame, and use F10 to
render instead of F9, the render will get saved to
disk and you can open it in whatever application you

As for large format printing, I've done banners for
several Sacramento community events before and I was
only required to render at 300 or 600 dpi, where one
inch is one foot.

So if the banner was 8 feet long and 2 feet high, then
my rendered image would be 8 inches by 2 inches at

This is all the detail that lots of large-format
printers can handle anyway, so more than that is often
lw-64 is the ultimate freedom from that kind of memory problems... been there a lot but i am free now!
tektonik said:
lw-64 is the ultimate freedom from that kind of memory problems... been there a lot but i am free now!

I've been dying to switch to 64bit. I have a few key pieces of hardware with no drivers so I haven't, Adaptec being the prime offender. I suppose I'll have to scrap those dastardly things and move on...
When I ran into memory problems, I used the advanced camera and a multi-UV'd plane sliced into four quadrants to render the image out a quarter at a time. It worked out pretty well, but there was a single pixel column / row missing at the seams. Next time I'll know to have a bit of overlap when I do it again.