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Newbie here. Of all the choices, what should I use in saving a frame for print?
What filtering should I use for anitaliasing and reconstruction? Rendered time not an issue, I'm retired. I am using onONe's Genuine Fractals PrinPro 5.0 for any enlargements.
Howdy Ed.

There may be different / better info from others - but I'll gladly share the settings I use for print.

For a standard A4 [11.7 X 8.3 inches [roughly!]], I tend to go for something around the 3,510 X 2,490 pixels.

I am a big fan of the Mitchell filter, depending on the detail in the required print I usually stick it somewhere in the region of 7-9, that number tends to at least double if I have depth of field or motion blur in the scene.

I'd be interested to know what settings others use; there is always room for improving efficiency / quality, or both. :D

Hope that goes some way to helping.

i keep both filters at classic, aa 2-4, as .02. j.a.o. (just another option :) ).

And a most welcome one! :thumbsup:

I'll keep that info on hand for the next print-res brief; I don't experiment with these settings enough for my liking.

I tend to use settings similar to flakester's with AS set to .03 or thereabouts.

The actual file format is crucial for print quality as some use compression which drops quality.
Targa (.tga) works well normally. Just stay away from jpeg.
Thanks for the replies. I'm attempting to save my files to print to a 20x30 inch print. Being a newbie, I don't understand, "i keep both filters at classic, aa 2-4, as .02. j.a.o."
hope this helps :thumbsup:

(fwiw, i seem to vaguely recall issues with adaptive sampling and some of the other non-classic reconstruction and sampling filters. which is my very unscientific reason for keeping them both on classic. v.9.5 here.)


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Being a newbie, I don't understand, "i keep both filters at classic, aa 2-4, as .02. j.a.o."

He means reconstruction and sampling pattern filters in the camera options.

AntiAliasing with 2-4 passes, Adaptive Sampling at .02........

I don't know what j.a.o. means :p