Where can I find Server Object Style Editor documentation?


I simply can't find any thorough information about all this set of tools that, together, form the Vizrt World/Maps.
It is a very expensive set of plugins/tools and it should he lots of documentation and instructions.
Anyone knows if there is any manuals online available?
I would have said VizUniversity but its easy to see that they dont want to promote VizWorld anymore. There used to be loads of tutorials and videos there regarding the entire VizWorld software. Honestly the map product didnt evolve much since 2017 when the last version came out of Israel before that R&D center was shut down. Anyhow check the manual. https://documentation.vizrt.com/viz-world-guide/22.0/Viz_World_User_Guide.html
If you can elaborate exactly what you are after, Ill see what I can dig out of the treasurechest
Thank you very much, Lars. I do have browsed that documentation and the information about the style editor is very light, so say the least.
I did went through all the lessons in VizUniversity, but they don't cover enough stuff, as this is a very complex set of tools.
What I really would love is to have good documentation about all the tools/plugins.