How to prevent scripts from starting?


I was coding a script. And something on my code just gone wrong and now, each time I try to open the file in Viz, my script runs and Viz instantly crashes.
Is there any way to prevent scripts from running, when the file is opened?
In a separate scene, you could try pressing the stop all scripts button and look for the command in the console. Then, in the console, run the command and then copy and paste it into the console history buffer(By pressing the up arrow it should repeat this command). Then you might be able to open the problematic scene and hit the up arrow (and press enter) to run the disable all scripts command. Good luck!
Thank you, joshmon.
I wasn't able to do that. But I was able to access the .dmp (dump) file that was saved in the VizEngine folder, open it in Notepad and salvage the scripting code, transplanting it to a new scene.