get images in custom reader


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I have a feed streamer question:
I have a feed that looks like this:
<url name="someimagename.jpg" mimetype="image/jpeg">http://somepath/someimage.jpg</url>

I would like feed streamer to get the image
I have a reader defined, Vizrt.Socialize.Plugins.XML_JSON.mms.xml that reads the content but not the message
A couple of years ago this worked with <Image>{main:content/main:url}</Image> but not anymore
Any ideas?
well, if anyone else stops there...
the answer is adding the line
                <media:thumbnail url=[B]"[/B]{main:content/main:url}[B]"[/B]/>
NOT as part as the payload but before it.
and, while in the payload the line looks like <media:thumbnail url={main:content/main:url}/>, to get it to work you need to warp the {...} in ""...