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    Getting the Container of a Geometry

    In the OnGeometryChanged callback, I get a Geometry as the input parameter. How can I get the container where the Geometry resides?
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    Can't read JSON data from key

    When I try to access data from a json file that I loaded using the LoadFile command, using the command GetString, no matter what path I set, I always get the error: ERROR: [json.exception.type_error.302] type must be string, but is null When I dump the json file to a string, using Dump( ), the...
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    How to detect if in Wizard, or in Director, or in Trio?

    Thank you so much, alohn. (y)
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    How to detect if in Wizard, or in Director, or in Trio?

    Ok, found out how to check if the code is being executed in Template Wizard or Director, with: if SCV_IN_VCP = True then VTW = 1 else VTW = 0 But, how to determine if the code is being executed in Trio?
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    How to detect if in Wizard, or in Director, or in Trio?

    Is there any command to check if the code is running in the Template Wizard or if it is being executed in Director or if it is in Trio?
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    How to prevent scripts from starting?

    Thank you, joshmon. I wasn't able to do that. But I was able to access the .dmp (dump) file that was saved in the VizEngine folder, open it in Notepad and salvage the scripting code, transplanting it to a new scene.
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    How to prevent scripts from starting?

    I was coding a script. And something on my code just gone wrong and now, each time I try to open the file in Viz, my script runs and Viz instantly crashes. Is there any way to prevent scripts from running, when the file is opened?
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    Look at an object

    Is there any plugin to automatically orient an object towards another? The LookAt plugin seems to only work with cameras.
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    Where can I find Server Object Style Editor documentation?

    I simply can't find any thorough information about all this set of tools that, together, form the Vizrt World/Maps. It is a very expensive set of plugins/tools and it should he lots of documentation and instructions. Anyone knows if there is any manuals online available?
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    How to get Viz Artist 3.x Free?

    I tried to install Viz Artist 4.x Free on my computer and it won't work (crashes at startup). So, is there any possibility to still get Viz Artist 3.x Free? I need it mainly for script development, so version 3.x will be just fine. But I can't seem to be able to get it. Anyone knows how? Thank...
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    Where does Viz stores the Workspace information?

    I work on a TV station and we have several computers with Viz. Each person has his personal layout but has to recreate if from scratch in every computer. Are there any files where the workspaces of each person are stored, so that we can copy them to each computer and allow for consistency for...
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    GraffitiTex doesn't support Alpha?

    I was trying to fade out a drawing made in a touchscreen, using a GriffitiTex. But it does not fade, using an Alpha. When the Alpha is 0%, it disappears. But it shows at full 100% for any other value of the Alpha. Is there any way to control the transparency of whole content of a GraffitiTex?
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    Open Dialog from a Viz Script

    Is there any way to generate an file Open Dialog in a Viz Script? The System.ExploreDocument only opens an Explorer window.
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    OnExecPerField() not working

    On a script, I was trying to use OnExecPerField() (that I have used several times, in the past), but it is not working in this particular script. I even tried to test it by creating a very simple println statement inside it, like this: sub OnExecPerField() println "A" end sub And I was...
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    Subfolders in ScriptPlugins

    Is it possible to create sub-folders or, somehow, organize script plugins, so that not all of them appear in the same ScriptPlugins folder?
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    Implementing UNDO

    How can I make sure that any action that I carry on in a script that changes containers or keyframes, is undoable?
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    Getting the duration of a Channel

    I have a variable pointing to a Channel. The Channel contains subchannels (X, Y and Z). How can I get the duration of the Channel? I can't see any function that returns the length of a Channel.
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    Force the scene tree to update

    I have some code running on a OnExecPerField that updates the textures of containers (bitmaps). However, although the image does appear in the viewport, the image of the texture in the container only gets updated when I save the scene, close it and open it again. Is there any way to force an...
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    Making sure that a movie was loaded in Moviz

    According to the manual, the StatusLoaded parameter (is a Boolean) becomes true when the movie is successfully loaded. So, I created this code to check if a movie is loaded and, only after that check for the duration of the movie: dim cnt as Container = Scene.FindContainer("Movie") dim moviz as...
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    Getting the Scenes thumbnails

    The Asset View shows a thumbnail preview of may scenes (80x59 pixels, it seems). If I have a path to scene, how can I get its thumbnail? Where are the thumbnails stored? In what format? Are they accessible? Thank you very much for any reply.