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The software will be updated on the backend, it might not happen the instant a new release is available with the on-premises TriCaster systems. When this happens, then next time you log into TriCaster Now it will be an updated software release, you don't have any do anything.
There is a TriCaster Now level called Discovery Pass, which is inexpensive (less than $100) 1 month trial.

There are also some free videos on TriCaster Now that can help you get familiar with how it works (plus you get to listen to me!)
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But yes I agree, and I think this way of TC Cloud production possibilities wouldn´t be available already ´so soon´ these days without this Vizrt acquisition happend a while ago;)
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I think I've got this new naming convention down. The next TriCaster will be called TriCaster Right Now!
I am wondering just how it works. What happens if you want to do live sessions. How can NOW help with that if you do not to be in front of your TC system. I guess I am not understanding the benefits of NOW.
TriCaster Now runs in the cloud, anyone, from anywhere with an Internet connection can control the system. Keyboard, mouse and monitor control all runs thru software called NICE DCV. If you have a control surface, the new Flex panels can connect using NDI Bridge or there is another tool that allows USB to be used with TriCaster Now.

A complementary solution for this workflow, was just announced today. Viz Connect Tetra, is a four channel NDI input/output device that also supports NDI Bridge for WAN connection. Using this, you can ship the unit to an event to connect inputs/outputs and use NDI Bridge to connect that footage into TriCaster Now for cloud production or even back to your on-premises TriCaster for remote production.

NDI-KVM allows you access a TriCaster on your local network (or possible a remote network if using NDI Bridge). In either case you are accessing a physical TriCaster system.

TriCaster Now runs the TriCaster software in the cloud, no TriCaster is running your local network.
Yeap, and Richard sounds in there there will be more tutorials on this new Vizrt TriCaster cloud based solution available - soon ;)
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