TC-1 losing connection to 2-stripe control surface during livestream

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Hello, dear forum!
I need your help with the following problem: During a 24-hour live stream with my TC-1, the connection to the 2-Stripe control surface has already been lost twice. It keeps the correct channel names and the buttons also light up correctly when I switch on the screen with the mouse. But the channel buttons don't respond. I had to stop the stream twice and restart the Tricaster, then everything went back to normal for five to eight hours - until the next connection loss. My network is stable. What's going on here? Can I repair the connection without restarting the Tricaster and while the stream is running? Thank you for your help!
Hello everyone, I have the same problem. Sometimes the panel loses the connection for only a fraction of a second, but unfortunately sometimes the panel hangs up and nothing works anymore.

The power cable and Lan cable have already been replaced. The software itself (TC2 Elite) runs without any problems.

I would be grateful for an error analysis.
again, I think it would be helpful for further analysis @vizrt to get the info on the TC SW version installed on your TC2E, too!
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Hi again, yes this it is.

This should be fine, as there were only 3 public builds after yet, 8-1-230825. 8-2-231221 and 8-2-231227, while the last one seemed to have confimed CS issues which the next public SW build should fix.

Let´s see what Kane/Steve might commend on this additional post on possible connection problems of 2-Stripe with TC2E (and TC-1, original post from ´Uplink Academy´ )
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While setting up our ELITE2 again (system has been boxed for a while but is updated to latest build 8-2-231227C )
- the ELITE 2 and the TC1 LP CS do not connect properly anymore..

- The CS has a static IP and is connected directly via ethernet (Networkadapter also has static IP)
- The Control Surfaces Software finds the TC1 L: 1 on Channel 1 (as 2 Stripe)
- the Session/Elite 2 Software does not connect, the Panel is not recognizing the session..

The TriCaster Logo is lit, but no changes on starting a session..

After ending the session and opening the "Control Surface" AddOn again, The CS needs to be refreshed, and takes some seconds to be found again..

Any Suggestions? Is the Panel defect or is it the ELITE 2 Software (like in the above cases?)

Regards from Germany

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The TriCaster 2 Elite is compatible with the 2S and 4S control panels. I'm not aware of compatibly with the TC1LP. It would appear in the Control Surface tool, but the TriCaster 2 Elite isn't going to light up the panel when the session opens.
(still) latest SW 8-2-231227 seemed to introduce these ´new´ issues, according to several post on this topic since then.

Until Vizrt will make bug fix official available, do you have the chance to ´downgrade´ to 8-1-230825? (backup available of this ....EXE file version +GPU driver)
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Yes, this is exactly what will happen

And, if you already updated Nvidia on top, I suggest to downgrade this to their release date version prior 230825 too.

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