NDI Source Discovery


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I have another new NDI tool to release, this one is helpful in troubleshooting NDI discovery. NDI Source Discovery, will scan your NDI network and display sources that appear using mDNS and Discovery Server methods. Each is displayed separately, so you can verify the method of discovery being used by the device.

Each source is displayed with its channel name, IP address, port and NDI group(s). You can even see sources in groups that you aren't receiving.

In the list of sources, you can double click it open it in NDI Studio Monitor. Or hold down shift and double click to open it in NDI Analysis. You will have to be in the same NDI group as the source in order to perform these functions.

Just an FYI, Chrome has decided that this file might be a problem and blocked download, you have to click on the message and tell it to download it for real. I appreciate them trying, but this is getting in my way more and more often to the point where I'm thinking of disabling the feature due to false positives. Getting that a lot with Edge when I build a fresh system, and before I load Chrome or Brave.
My apps aren't code signed, plus they are doing stuff networking wise, it which is probably also going to lead to security software flagging it.
Chris Titus went through this with his Windows debloat tool... He has a few videos on buying code signing from Microsoft and the hoops he had to jump through. And if you have any powershell scripting that automatically elevates permissions, you will get flagged, which is happening to his tool. It's odd that MS would allow automatic privilege elevation in scripts, but apparently MS uses this feature often. Doesn't even allow UAC to give a warning, which again is very odd to me from a security point of view.

And yes I do use Chris's tool to de-junk Windows, Win Pro is full of all kinds of nonsense. I'm finding Enterprise Education to be better, and LTSC being best to remove the clutter.