NDI|HX Feeds not showing up in NDI Monitor



Just got a new Dell Windows 11 laptop. Installed the newest version of NDI Tools (or Core NDI, I think it's called now).
All the full NDI feeds show up great in NDI Monitor.
Most of the NDI HX2/3 feeds show up as well.
But a few don't. I can see them on the list, but when I click on them, nothing happens. I see no video.
I can see the video fine on any other computer on the network with NDI Monitor.
Any idea what's going on? Any additional drivers I need to install to see all variations of NDI|HX?


This could be caused if the HX source is using H.264 or HEVC compression. If it is using HEVC, the Windows computer will need a decoder installed.

did you try already to delete NDI Tools-> restart (turn off) Laptop -> reinstall NDI WIN Tools yet?
btw, aka ´NDI Core Suite´ Bundle in the new NDI ´owner´ world terms (since April 2019++).

If still no luck, which NDI|HX 1/2/3 streams exactly still do not get thru?
Uninstall and clean install didn't work.

We have lots of JVC KY-PZ200NWU cameras set up on our network. All our showing up fine, except the one that was updated to the newest firmware - That supposedly added NDI 5 support. I would call JVC and ask for more info - except that the camera shows up fine on all other computers. It's just this one computer that won't show it...
just another guess / idea:
all your other (working) computers running same NDI Tools But I think they are indeed :unsure:

Any chance to re-roll the firmware version of this camera to previous version again to check if it might be this new firmware in combination with this laptop?
So I rolled back the camera firmware to an older NDI 4 version, and it works fine. So it’s some sort of clash with the new firmware. JVX engineering is looking into it.

Thanks all.