How can we configure pilot edge template for live update?


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When using template wizard-based templates, we can make use of the update script editor, and the script runner take care of the live updates. But when moving to pilot edge, what are the available methods to do a live update?
Hi there. This is part of the planned development, but for now you need to use Template Wizard for Live Update. If you require more assistance with setting this up, please submit a support ticket and our team will be able to assist you.
Thanks. When we are trying to do the live update for edge based template, The template vizard shows us this warning as well. 1714634578943.pngg

Anyway, As of now, for live update, we will use edge-based template along with template wizard. Hope this gets added directly to template builder in the newer versions. 🙏
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if you create the templates using template wizard they are compatible with both Viz Content Pilot and Viz Pilot Edge.