Clips stop playing randomly. Macro problem?


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Since a few months our production team experiences the strange situation that videoclips sometimes randomly break off after triggering the play.
Our projects always consist of "DDR1 -> Cam -> DDR2 -> Cam -> DDR2" and so on and after having some flawless rehearsals with similar settings and clips, the next moment clips in DDR1 or DDR2 stop after a second and we have to restart the clip.

So far we couldn´t find a scheme, because the clip and the run with that problem occurs randomly.

Could this be related to particular macros maybe? Cause we know that clips will stop when the macros of the previous clip aren´t finished yet. Like this we can simulate a similar stop of clips at any time.
However we can only explain this by manually interrupting a playing clip and jump to the next one, but my question is related to a situation when a DDR2 clip with macros follows a camera. So that might be a different issue here.

In case macros could still be involved somehow, I tell you our recent macros:

Clip start:
ddr2_loop_mode_toggle false
input1_mute true
ddr2_mute false
aux1_mute false
input2_mute true
input3_mute true
ddr1_mute true
ddr1_autoplay_mode_toggle true

Clip end:
input1_mute false
ddr2_mute true
aux1_mute false
main_a_row_named_input input2
ddr1_mute true

I would be happy if anyone knows how to fix this bug, or has a suggestion what could be the matter.
We have the newest update on our Tricaster by the way.

I´m looking forward to a helpful reply!
Best regards,

Nico W.
Videoproduction at University Dortmund, Germany
hi Nico,
if no other reply / idea on this strange behavior of your TC does come in I would recommend to contact Vizrt support, if not done already.
when you say since a few months your team experiences this, does this mean same clips in DDR1 & DDR2 suddenly did not play as before (maybe after a SW update?), or this is (only) with new clips loaded in the DDRs ?