3Play 3P2 (Delayed Angle Name)


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A feature requested in the past for the 'Angle Name' to be displayed while in the 'DELAYED' mode.

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When performing replays in a Live situation, media clips are not created and then played to air. The commonly accepted workflow is:

Action happens – The operator uses the jog wheel control to go back to the start of the play of interest (no clip is generated at this stage, only an IN point)

The operator then quickly reviews if there is a better angle by switching through the various recorded angles.

This is where the Angle Name is required, so the operator can easily identify which angle they are looking at without guessing or looking at the input's multiview.

Live to Air Replay has priority, creating the media clip/s happens after the on-air commitments are satisfied.

These clips will be used for creating highlight playlists and/or the melt reel at the end of the production.

Newtek 3P2 Interface 4.png

There is ample space on to GUI to include the Angle Name while this 'Delayed' operation is being performed.

This feature is standard on EVS, Grass Valley K2 Dyno, Ross Video .... and the 3Play operators have long since keep requesting this simple feature.

Thank-you for your consideration.
A feature requested in the past for the 'Angle Name' to be displayed while in the 'DELAYED' mode.
I'm sure you're correct that it has come up before, but honestly I don't recall it ever coming to my attention.

(Update: We did locate a report that discussed this, along with some other details, and that one is in the process of being handled ... which makes the case I wrote this morning redundant, but that's not necessarily A Bad Thing.) ;)
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