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Why 64-bit version of Classic is not loading bitmaps?

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  • Why 64-bit version of Classic is not loading bitmaps?

    My company uses Viz Maps (and CWM before) since long before the merger with Curious Labs. I noticed that since Viz started releasing 64-bit editions, Viz Maps Classic cannot load any bitmaps. We are using bitmaps (or bitmap sequences) as icons (i.e. warning signs). Same PNG (or TARGA) files that we use for years, still loads smoothly in every 32-bit edition. However each 64-bit version (including the latest) shows same error message (after browsing any image) that "this file is not an image". I tried conversions after conversions using whatever was available - Photoshop, Corel, freeware converters... nothing helped. Absolutely every PNG / TGA file I try to load, is "not an image file" to Viz Maps.

    I'm contacting Viz support with every new version, renewing my question. Yet until now, nobody every answered these questions.

    Maybe there is a simple solution for this - i.e. something need to be installed in Windows?


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    Hi Vojtek,

    I'm sorry to hear that you have not received any answer to your questions to Vizrt Global Support team. Could you please provide me the case number so I can follow up with the teams to get an answer on your question.

    Best Regards,