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    Hey There,
    I ‘ve encountered a problem with 3Droadmanager.
    In the latest version WME 14.0.2 we finaly have railways in extra data (Belgium).
    That’s very fine.
    But sometimes there is too much detail on a map and we just want the major railway to be exposed and not the subways or trams.
    I can’t find a way to do this.

    There is a distinction between Major railways, railway,subway and tram.
    I’m trying to control the visibility between these different railway category’s.

    I ‘ve used the roadMgr plugin, and made different containers with the category’s name.

    All the railway category ‘s are displayed instead of just the major one.
    Made the corresponded styles in the style editor In VIZworld classic.
    I took a look in the new WME 14.0.2 were I can see the different railway data, but can’t deselect them separatly.
    Its all or nothing.
    Can anyone help me on this matter?
    Thank you to look into this.

    Jan Van Driessche