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Zoomed too close = Black tile

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  • arc
    I've been testing this and see a difference between VizWorld 14 and 13. I can zoom in a lot closer in 13 than 14 when using Digital Globe imagery.

    Zooming right in with version 13 will eventually get low res and blurry, but this is usually preferable to the imagery just return a black texture after getting too close.

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  • jlfrech
    started a topic Zoomed too close = Black tile

    Zoomed too close = Black tile

    Just started with Viz World Maps 14 & we had a map template made for us. If you've zoom in too close on the final location, it will show a black tile in the Editor & playout that way. (I'm not even talking about too-too close either.) If you pullout a bit, you can get the imagery back. Has anyone ever seen this before? Thank you!