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  • Maps, please someone help me

    Re-Posting here

    Hello and thank you for your time, I am sorry to say but this might be a long post

    We have had viz for over a year, and we have not been able to create one map and air it tru a viz engine. A couple of month ago the map software was updated so the training we had received a few months before was almost completely useless, someone from viz gave us a one hour re-training and everything was supposed to work, but when it got the time to add labels to our maps, the labels kept reverting to a default value, viz r&d investigated and a few weeks back they updated the map software again, and again I tried creating a map.
    I didnt even try to make an animated map(hops) I created whats called a Focus On Map(Still Map), on the Map Builder(Wizard) Window I select the Base map(tpl) set the path to where I have my labels and objects for street, freeway etc, the scene gets created but when I click on the CWM Client and I am using WME(Clasic) and move the map, the only visible streets are the ones created at the beginning, the rest of the map only has the background color from the tpl.

    I have noticed a few errors on the Console

    failed to process command *#93433*CONTROL

    failed to process command SCENE*KFMB_VER01/MAPS/Still_9232014_v3*FUNCTION*3DMapSetting

    failed to process command SCENE*KFMB_VER01/MAPS/Still_9232014_v3*FUNCTION*LabelManager

    failed to process command *SELF_LAYER

    failed to process command #-1*NAME

    Anyone with any idea why the maps do not work of if you have a guide on how to create please share it.

    i am using the Wizard because viz said I had to use it after they first updated the map software

    Im on Viz Version
    Viz World Classic 14.0.2

    The map, styles and labels all look the way we need them in Viz World Classic, except for the fact that some of the freeways do not take on the style for the rest of the other freeways, some of the ramps are also not included and I have been having to add them manually

    If there is any other info you need to know to be able to offer any guidance please let me know and I will provide it

    Again Thank for any help you might be able to provide