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video_url tabfield not being populated by Feedstreamer

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  • video_url tabfield not being populated by Feedstreamer

    I am having problems using social video clips with Feedstreamer (v1.5) & Trio (v3.2). I am using NeverNo to publish to FS and all other operations function correctly. The issues lies between the Feedstreamer and the Trio.
    • Images are getting from NeverNo – FS – Trio – Engine correctly.
    • Videos are getting to FS and being downloaded to our media server correctly, however, the Trio tab field ‘video_url’ has no data once the page is built from FS.
    • I can paste the file path of the video on the media server into the trio tab field ‘video_url’ and the video plays correctly.

    I have used my own scene and also the scenes supplied with the Viz Social TV train course, same issue.
    All other video clip playing behavior works correctly.

    Any ideas?