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Custom reader to process nested API queries?

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  • Custom reader to process nested API queries?


    just fishing if anyone would know if this is doable with a FeedfStreamer / DataHub custom reader:

    There is an API endpoint which responds with JSON data containing a bunch of article ID's. Then there is a second API endpoint which can take a single article ID (or a list of ID's) and respond back with the actual content which I would render out with SocialTV plugins as usual.

    Request 1 => Parse => Request 2 => Response

    Can I somehow handle these chained API calls with a custom reader?


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    Come on... Someone has tried this, I'm sure. No?


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      We do something like this with weather data. In the dll xml file have a location ID in the <entry> section and then the actual content in the <payload> section. The DLL makes timed calls to the source API and gets all available data for all location IDs, then we call the content to Viz with the MessagesReader plugin for a single ID as needed. It only requires one call using the location ID. All payload content for the single ID is returned to Viz and we use plugins / scripting to extract what we need.