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    I have this JSON feed from our interactive team and it is not being read by the different feed sources in Feed Streamer not sure what I need to add to get it to work?
    Not sure if I need to edit this file Vizrt.Socialize.Plugins.XML_JSON.xml to get the feed to work?


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    In order to create a reader for a particular service, you simply add information
    about the service and how you want to use it to an XML configuration file called
    Socialize.Plugins.XML_JSON.xml, or create it in a file with the name format
    Socialize.Plugins.XML_JSON.[Your Name].xml.

    You need to make sure your changes are copied to all Feed Streamer and Social TV server installations.
    (C:\Program Files (x86)\vizrt\Viz Feed Streamer\Plugins\)

    Use the Feed Streamer user manual to help with this process.
    See section 8 Defining Custom Readers.

    Here is a sample reader that was used to read a JSON feed with leaderboard:

    <Reader Name="LEADERBOARD">
    <Parameter Mandatory="True">
    <Caption>Feed URL</Caption>
    <entry xmlns="" xmlns:media="">
    <link rel="enclosure" href="{image/url}" type="{image/type}"/>

    The JSON feed looked like this:

    "leaderboard": {
    "player": [
    "position": "1",
    "username": "Ross",
    "points": "970",
    "image": {
    "url": "",
    "type": "image/png"
    "position": "2",
    "username": "DeRozan",
    "points": "700",
    "image": {
    "url": "",
    "type": "image/png"
    "position": "3",
    "username": "Lowry",
    "points": "650",
    "image": {
    "url": "",
    "type": "image/png"