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Pasting a TW/FB link directly in a VCP Template

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  • Pasting a TW/FB link directly in a VCP Template

    I'm trying to figure a way, to use the Viz Social TV features, but I'm also trying to create a more simple way to show social media content. Sometimes we get an email with a social media link, which points directly to a TW/FB post. It might be related to a case we're showing, and the post wasn't caught by the Feed Streamer filters, because the user didn't use the correct hashtags etc. So is it possible to make a VCP template, which can harvest the same information, as the Feed Streamer, and if yes, how? It turned out that we missed several important inputs, during some of our Breaking News events, because we didn't have this option. There is always the old fashion way, copy/paste text and image to a VCP template, but that's not what I want to do here

    Cheers Christian

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    there is no easy way to achieve this since it requires the VCP template to integrate directly to twitter and Facebook API to request for the Json of a particular message, in any case this is a feature already in the roadmap of socialTV


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      I think I could help you. Message me if you are interested.


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        With version 1.3 we have released a Chrome Extension, this extension will let you copy/paste content in a VCP Template directly from Twitter, Facebook & Instagram
        Here link to release highlights video including Chrome Extension:
        You can install directly from the Chrome Store by Searching for "Vizrt"
        Documentation links:
        How to create VCP Templates, general as well as for Chrome Extension:
        Example VCP template under: C:\Program Files (x86)\Vizrt\Common\Social TV\Viz Template Wizard