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    Is it possible to make a twitter polling show, based off a mix of social tv and the pie/bar graph plugins?

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    All poll results are stored in a format compatible with Visual Data Tools..
    but in order to get the results you can either use Facebook Polls (Need facebook to white list your account to be able to post them on your page)
    or use a 3rd party company that will give the poll results, we've integrated with large number of providers that you can work with for poll results or if you have a company that you already work with we can help integrate their data to our system.


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      we are using Never no, how i can integrate it with viz social


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        Here 2 links to the documentation:
        1. How to activate a 3rd Party Integration:
        2. specific integration:
        You must request from the uri to your root.xml and enter in the xml configuration file of (2nd link)
        You have example scenes you can use under: C:\Program Files\Vizrt\Common\SocialTV.