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  • Fetch data from webpage

    Dear All,
    we want to fetch data, in numeric format, from a web page.
    How to get data directly from website using timer control in template wizard.

    Thanks & Regards.

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    Timer may not be practical in Pilot. It can be cause crash or freeze pilot on web request. Because it is not async. I think you can fetch data external app. You can save xml or text or something like that.


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      Hi Manish,

      You have to get or create a web scraper. The web scraper will download the data and update a file on the local network with a timer. The template will access that file locally saved datafile and pick the data when needed. In my case I use C# and it stores the data in an xml file, SQL database or inside viz engine shared memory map.

      What data from what website did you want to scrape?
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