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Viz engine as video playout?

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  • Viz engine as video playout?


    This is might be a off topic question...

    In our newsroom we use Vizrt:
    - one viz engine for overlay graphic
    - two viz engine for video playout
    all controlled from Mosart.

    For me it seems a little overkill to use 3d graphic engines for 'simple' task as video playout.

    Is it normal to use Viz Engines for video playout?
    In our setup they can't play audio and video in sync (video is always 3 frames delayed related to audio).

    Do any off you use a setup like this?

    Jogvan Olsen

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    Hello! It's not overkill as it seems, a broadcast level video server (EVS, Avid Airspeed, Grass Valley K2) will probably cost the same. You may use Viz Engine for clip playout for a lot of reasons, most probably because you have a Viz One based editing workflow.

    I use one Viz engine for clip playout in a Multiplay setup (one clip goes to the wall, the same is mirrored on a separate engine if the director wants it full screen) and I have no issue with audio sync.

    It's difficult to tell why without looking at your setup, it may be either a configuration issue, or maybe a problem with the scene used for clip playout. Also, it could be a problem with the video out configuration (assuming you have a Matrox SDI card), or in the video processing path.

    Anyway, if the delay is always three frame, that is usually a good thing because you can put in an easy workaround while you troubleshoot the problem.


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      Thank you for responding

      I know video servers cost the same as Viz Engine - I didn't know Viz engine could play video/audio without sync issues.

      We have Matrox cards in our engines - so I will look into the configuration. Viz-guys for Norway have configured our engines for video playout - so it should be perfect...

      Our 3 frames delay is not a real problem, more an annoyance when routing things arround.