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  • How to improve skills

    Hi, I've been working in Artist during the last year by accident. I used tutsgfx which are good to start. But now I don't know how to improve skills. There are no logical course paths, tutorials and even Viz University is not useful when trying to improve. How can I do that? How did you do? I'm completely lost.

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    Any particular area you want to improve in? Set a goal and ask for help when you get stuck. When I used to train in Artist, I gave people a videoclip of something amazing overthetop 3d postrendered and asked them to build that in Artist. It was difficult but when you have something you have to build 1 to 1 or at least as close as possible to the original, you learn about workarounds and how to achieve a fixed goal. By having a postrendered clip as reference it also gives you ideas as to which elements would be cool to make flexible and changable in realtime.