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  • Virtual Studio Scene control

    I am trying to control the Scene setting in Virtual Studio. I can get it to work in Trio but this needs to work in a template. I tried using the buffer_put in a template but it did not work when played through Trio and iNews.

    Maybe it needs to work through a script in Artist but i am stuck on the syntax. Below is what i am trying to control with a script. So if a Producer chooses a set position from the dropdown they can choose what position in the virtual set. The reason for doing it this way is because they have a small virtual space and need to move the set for different shots. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    trio:send_vizcmd MAIN_SCENE*S2V*INDEX SET 0;
    trio:send_vizcmd MAIN_SCENE*S2V*0 SET Scene1 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0;

    trio:send_vizcmd MAIN_SCENE*S2V*INDEX SET 1;
    trio:send_vizcmd MAIN_SCENE*S2V*1 SET Scene2 110.0 110.0 110.0 110.0;

    trio:send_vizcmd MAIN_SCENE*S2V*INDEX SET 2;
    trio:send_vizcmd MAIN_SCENE*S2V*2 SET Scene3 220.0 220.0 220.0 220.0;

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    I figures this one out. I just used the control parameter to change the virtual studio camera.


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      If im understanding it correctly, You could simply use "ControlContainer" Plugin to expose Position, Rotation, Scaling parameters for the set. Later change the parameters accordingly and save it as different Page in Trio.


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        Yes you can do it that way as well but they are not using Trio for a page callup since they are automated control room. The space they have is so small in order to use their virtual equipment and every portion of the set the, set needs to move using virtual studio scene camera since it is using the remote camera.