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  • Skin and Bone Plugin

    Im testing a FBX of a Cinema4D rigged character. But some issues I encounter when I import with bones/skin
    1. Texture isn't mapped correctly
    2. Viz Artist crashes when selecting object in renderview

    Anyone successfully imported FBX of a rigged character from cinema4d fbx into Viz?

    Viz Artist version 3.12
    cinema4d R20
    human model with a simple fk skin bind

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    I used the skin and bone plugin several times now and it took some trial and error to get it to work
    Regarding the texture mapping, I noticed that it is mapped wrong when i work on a VGA station. when I switched to an HDMI station it looked fine
    As for the crashing I had issues when importing an FBX with nulls or bones that are not connected to the main skeleton, maybe check that


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      Thanks Alonh, I will try again . By the way, what fbx version do yo select when exporting from c4d?


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        We used c4d 19 and exported with the default fbx setting


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          Hi, issue now fixed, its because of the config-render option- render method, must be set to VBO. Its the default I guess. maybe I switched to other mode accidentally. cheers