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Pilot Tags in Newsroom Component

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  • Pilot Tags in Newsroom Component

    Hello All,

    I found the script below on the forum to change pilot tags in the newsroom component but i cant seem to get it to work properly. My tags are pilot1, pilot2, etc. When i load the template and choose the list item it goes to time 0 and removes the pilot tags from the dropdown. I have a control text on the script container to change the text to the pilot tag but its not working. I am not sure what the SHOW $ does but if i remove it the script breaks.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    sub OnInit()
    end sub

    sub OnGeometryChanged(geom as Geometry)
    dim director = GetDirector()
    System.SendCommand(("#" & director.VizID & " SHOW $") & this.Geometry.text)
    println(14, "Previewtag is set to Tag " & this.geometry.text)
    end sub

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    Wait, Never mind, i figured it out. I had to put the "pilot1" in the control text field.


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      The way I usually use that script is by having a font in the scene. The font holds the script. In my template I then change the content for that font. If i change an element (dropdown, image, bulletpoint etc.) where it should show me the pilot1 tag I simply change the font content to pilot1. Next bulletpoint I want the next previewpoint and change the font content to pilot2 and so on.
      The SHOW $ is the part that tells your timeline to go to a particular named previewtag. SHOW $pilot1 and SHOW $pilot2 and so on.


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        Thanks Lars,

        I works great that way. Thanks.