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Facebook & Instagram images issue

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  • Facebook & Instagram images issue

    Hello Everyone,

    I am parsing images from facebook, instagram & Twitter. Twitter works great but for facebook & Instagram the images give me an error and show up as blank in the engine output.

    The error specifies that it does not like the "?" character in the image string. When i paste the image link in a web browser it loads fine. If anyone has had this issue and knows how to fix please share.

    See error below:
    Question mark issue.PNG

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Shotski,

    Can you replace the "?" string with html entity?
    Maybe try using one of the methods below

    Replace(pos As Integer, len As Integer, str As String)
    Substitute(regex As String, subst As String, global As Boolean) As Integer


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      Hi clopez,

      I tried replacing the "?" but the image does not load.
      This is a sample of the string:


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        Also this is an example of the xml that contains all the information: I wonder if there is an easier way to parse this, maybe in an array?
        <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><feed xmlns=""><entry xmlns=""><id>CLP82bcb52040dc9129e6d287215f8bbcc5</id><title type="text">Tiger&apos;s over par early this morning at @thentgolf. Will he turn it around on his second 9? #FedExCup</title><summary type="text"></summary><published>2019-08-08T13:28:58.000Z</published><author><name>Golf Channel</name></author><contributor><name>Instagram</name></contributor><link rel="via" type="id" href="2105967726074713204_18803110" /><category term="Message" /><thumbnail url="" cache="93b8f9ebd22ef8c1a343d3941453180a" xmlns=""></thumbnail><link rel="enclosure" type="image/jpeg" href="" cache="CLP82bcb52040dc9129e6d287215f8bbcc5\7ea3d68668428dee09737204e67e9c7d" /><link rel="up" type="application/atom+xml;type=feed" href="" /><link rel="up" type="application/atom+xml;type=feed" href="" /><rights type="text">delete:users,modify:users</rights></entry></feed>


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          I think Facebook changed something in their XML. Even the script that I got from Jozef shows an empty image box.


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            I know, it is different from twitter, which works great. I am not sure how to get around the issue though. Can you share the script Jozef sent?
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              Here you go. Let me know if it doesn't download for you.
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                Hi cbs3gfxguy,

                Looks like it did not download.


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                  Still having the issue with instagram/facebook photos and logos not loading in the scene. They seem to load in TW just fine but not on the output. Any ideas anyone?