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Facebook & Instagram images issue

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  • Facebook & Instagram images issue

    Hello Everyone,

    I am parsing images from facebook, instagram & Twitter. Twitter works great but for facebook & Instagram the images give me an error and show up as blank in the engine output.

    The error specifies that it does not like the "?" character in the image string. When i paste the image link in a web browser it loads fine. If anyone has had this issue and knows how to fix please share.

    See error below:
    Question mark issue.PNG

    Thanks in advance,

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    I figured the facebook and Instagram issues. For facebook you need to log in for the images to come through properly. Once logged it they work fine.

    I am running into another issue though.

    I get an EThread error when loading images from the web. Has anyone run into this, if so how do you fix it?
    eThread Error.PNG

    My only solution to this is to save the images locally but then i lose some functionality for what i want to do.