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    Just a quick question about concepts and variants. Do they work with transition logic? I can get them to work without TL but with TL it give problems. Any Ideas?
    We have 3 color schemes that use the same graphics with TL. Basically trying to find a way to change the color of graphics without using radio buttons or dropdowns in template wizard but using the Concept dropdown in iNews. Or is it just easier to change the colors using dropdowns or radio buttons?

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    We did something different to avoid radiobuttons and dropdowns. We built in a global variable that could be triggered with SharedMemory. This variable would basically change colour of backgrounds and fonts. The graphics are all TL but with the variable activated it used an alternate colourscheme. We called it the memorialpackage/Mindepakke as it was only used when the queens husband passed away. The entire thing turned black. I have put a NormalColourscheme image for comparison.

    The triggerscene would have a script and a ControlContainer to be able to control it via a template. If the container was Active the script would send the SHM state.

    sub OnInitParameters()
        RegisterPushButton("sendSHM", "Send til SHM", 0)
    '    RegisterPushButton("MindepakkeOFF", "Turn OFF Mindepakke", 1)
    end sub
    sub onExecAction(ButtonID as Integer)
        PRINTLN "****Shm sent"
        if this.FindSubContainer("MINDEPAKKE").active = true then
            VizCommunication.Map["Mindepakke.state"] = "1"
            println(12, "*****MINDEPAKKE AKTIVERET*****")
            VizCommunication.Map["Mindepakke.state"] = "0"
            println(10, "*****MINDEPAKKE SLUKKET*****")
        end if
    end sub
    The Masterscene had a script that would listen to the SHM and change colour if the Mindepakke.state was 1
    sub OnInitParameters()
        RegisterParameterContainer("Item1", "Item1 to change color:")
        RegisterParameterContainer("Item2", "Item2 to change color:")
    end sub
    Sub MindepakkeMode()
    'This decides which containers should change colour based on the variable from SHM.
    dim ct1 as Container
    dim ct2 as Container
        ct1 = GetParameterContainer("Item1")
        ct2 = GetParameterContainer("Item2")
        if VizCommunication.Map["Mindepakke.state"] == "1" then
            println(14, "MindepakkeMode aktiv")
                ct1.Material.Emission = cColor(0.223529, 0.192157, 0.247059)
                ct2.Material.Emission = cColor(0.223529, 0.192157, 0.247059)
        elseif VizCommunication.Map["Mindepakke.state"] == "0" then    
            println(14, "MindepakkeMode deaktiveret")
                ct1.Material.Emission = cColor(0.035294, 0.380392, 0.811765)
                ct2.Material.Emission = cColor(0.035294, 0.380392, 0.811765)
        end if
    end sub
    sub OnInit()
    end sub
    sub OnSharedMemoryVariableChanged(map As SharedMemory, mapKey As String)
    end sub
    Hope this helps
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      Thanks Lars,

      I will give this a go and report back.