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    Hello All,

    A client wants to get an image from Viz One, Crop the image to an area of interest, and then have an animation to start from the full image and zoom to the area of interest.

    Has anyone does something like this before?

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    Hi Shotski2,

    Yes, I did something similar. I can't share it with you as is, because it is embedded in a bigger transition logic template. But I can describe how to do it and share the code with you.

    I attached the document "Zoom.pdf" that explains all the steps. Also, all the scripts are in separate txt files.

    If everything is correct, you should have a template that selects a picture and you can choose to zoom to the red area or zoom out of it. Even ping pong between in and out. And can select the speed of the animation.
    What I couldn't achieve is changing the aspect (Always 16:9) and the amount of zoom (always to a quarter of the picture).

    Hope it is helpful, let me know if it works.

    Lisandro Tapia
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      Thanks Lisandro I will give it a go and report back


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        Hi Lisandro,

        The Zoom template.txt is not coming in the way in the PDF example. Below is what i get. Any ideas?

        Zoom template issue.PNG
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          Hi Lisandro,

          I was able to figure this out. Thanks for your help with this. It is much appreciated!!!!


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            HI Lisandro, Back to revisit this one. Is there a way to change this to work with a container X,Y Position and scaling? I am guessing it needs a change in the scripting but im not sure of the syntax.

            Below is the syntax at the moment to move a texture. Just need the syntax to move a container on X or Y.

            Dim ZoomY as Channel = Pic.FindOrCreateChannelOfObject("ScalingY")
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              I believe it would be:

              Dim PosContainer as Channel = Pic.FindOrCreateChannelOfObject("Position")

              That would give you access to the Position channel in the animation of the object. You have to send the three axes together (X,Y and Z)


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                Makes sense but how do you differentiate the different channels? Or does the array in the scripting need to be different?