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Key problem Main layer and Back Layer

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  • Key problem Main layer and Back Layer

    Hi Guys,

    Question how to solve this Viz Layer Rendering issue:

    -We have BIG chroma window which Ultimatte keys-out to show the graphics from viz BACK LAYER no-key (huge CityScape Background).

    -Problem is, we can see the part of this BackLayer CityScape in the "Objects with transparency of MAIN LAYER" (main layer has a key coz its foreground of video e.g. Line Chart).

    -Is there a way to set-up this, in a way the BackLayer wont be seen in the Main Layer key?

    notes: BackLayer and MAIN LAYER in 1 Engine.

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    Try changing your Render Sequence in Scene Settings to be Auto Key instead of Overlay. I might have switched these two around but one of them should solve the issue. One takes the background in the scene and this affects the key, the other one gives you a more clean key.