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Transition Logic - change position depending of another graphic

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  • Transition Logic - change position depending of another graphic


    I have a Transition Logic challenge. And I hope you can help me to solve it.

    I have a simple lower third - And a subtitle.

    As long a only one graphic is Onair they have the same position.
    If the lower third is Onair – I need the subtitles to be position above the lower third.

    I have attached a simple test scene set: One Master scene and two call-up scenes.

    I have tried different solutions – but can not get any of them to work. So I hope you have some advice.

    My latest attempt is a simple script that move the subtitles up and down. In my Master scene I call the script from a action keyframe when I take the lower third on air.

    dim pos as double

    sub overtxt()
    scene.FindContainer("UTXT_OUTER").Position.y = 100
    println ("__ SUB: overtxt __")
    pos = scene.FindContainer("UTXT_OUTER").Position.y
    end sub

    sub normtxt()
    scene.FindContainer("UTXT_OUTER").Position.y = 0
    pos = scene.FindContainer("UTXT_OUTER").Position.y
    println ("__ SUB: normtxt __" )
    end sub

    The script work when I am in Artist – but have no effect on the output when I am in Trio.
    I can see the script is called (a line is printed to the console window) but it have no effect on the onair graphic.

    Hope someone have some advice

    Jogvan Olsen
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    you have 2 toggles in your masterscene. Your lowerthird is the first one. the subtitles has a position animation to make sure it moves up and down. This animation lives in the same director as the lowerthird. this will mean the lowerthird controlls the position of the subtitles. easy peasy no scripts needed.


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      Hi Lars, This is exactly what I have have tried - but I can't get it to work.
      My subtitles are in a callup scene, and the move-up-down director is in my master scene. This director do not move the content of the callup scene.

      Can you tell what I am doing wrong?

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        This should do the trick. Your animation was not moving the toggle that held the content. Its a timing thing now, but this works. I named the toggles with a 19 character name as this enables you to move things around in the tree and not break functionality.
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          Thank you Lars
          This was of great help to me in my Vizrt learning process - Now I understand a little bit more how Transition Logic work.

          thanks jogvan