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  • Data Reader Issue

    Has anyone run into a situation with the DataReader when it is set to load automatically, any animation in the scene freezes at the refresh period then continues (flares for example)? Also is there a more efficient way to distribute data to a full screen rather than the data reader? It just seems so slow, especially when other elements are using the same data.


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    Hi Shotski2,

    Thats exactly why I created my own application that uses shared memory. Because datareader is just horrible and slow and clunky...
    However i remember that before that i used "DataImport"... Its part of the visual datatools plugins, Its much faster and does not cause that animation pause when loading. You have to use DataImport along with DataLabel to get the data into fonts... However i just used DataImport to get the data in then i used Viz Script to split it and use it on different font containers. This is if you are pulling values from an excel sheet. Its not usable for SQL database as far as i remember.


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      Hi Novacane,

      Thanks for the response. I am finding out that DataReader is very clunky. Do you have a scene to share the dataimport workflow?


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        Unfortunately i lost my old example scene, Will see if i can find it, I remember you had to save it as .xls as it does not work with xlsx files.