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  • After Effects Vizrt plugin

    Hello All,

    Has anyone gotten this plugin to work? I saw a post about using After Effects 6 or 12. I tried both versions with very a simple AE scene with just text for testing and Viz said it was importing but did nothing. Is there anything i need to do to to make After Effects scenes work with the plugin?


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    Here is what i dug out of the releasenotes a while back.
    System Requirements

    These are the minimum requirements to import After Effects Scenes into Viz Artist:
    • Viz Artist 3.7.0 or higher
    • Graphic Hub 2.4.0 or higher
    • Adobe After Effects CS6 (or higher with Viz 3.7.1)
    • Matrox X.mio2, X.mio2 Plus or (for clip playback)

    When Viz Artist/Engine is installed the file AEExport.aex is copied to the folder with highest Adobe After Effects version number. If no Adobe After Effects version (CS6, CC) is installed, then the AEExport.aex file is not copied.
    If After Effects is installed after Viz Artist/Engine, then starting the Viz Artist/Engine installer with the Repair option will install the file. Import Limitations

    Currently the import of Adobe After Effects compositions is limited to these Adobe After Effects elements:
    • Cameras
    • Texts
    • Solids
    • Images

    Items included in nested compositions are imported/exported in the same way as items which belong to a single (root) composition.
    IMPORTANT! Two licenses are required for the After Effects import: One license from Adobe for After Effects CS6 (Apparently cc 15 is not supported in 3.8. I can provide you with version 3.8.1 that should fix this problem. Huy) and the AE Import license issued by Vizrt.
    These elements are imported with their animations (Key Frames are not baked, they are converted directly to Viz Artist Key Frames).
    All elements and/or effects from Adobe After Effects, which cannot be converted to Viz Artist objects, are rendered as video clips and imported into the Graphic Hub (see Video Clips). The import tries to combine multiple objects, which cannot be imported, and render them into one video (MPEG2 iFrame HD + Alpha). Currently, the importer is configured to use no more than 2 Clip- and 16 GFX channels for one scene (including sub-scenes). If more channels are necessary to import the composition, the importer renders layers which are actually supported as native elements, but create an importable/not-importable alternation, as clip.
    For example, if an imported After Effects scene would need more than 2 clip/16 GFX channels in Artist, then the importer collapses those layers step by step until the resulting import does not need more than 2/16 channels. However, this may lead to the situation that layers/items which are actually supported as native items in Viz, are still imported as pre-rendered clips. You may want to consider this when working in AE before importing into Viz.
    Note: This can lead to several video clips if there are many alternations of importable and not importable layers.
    Adobe After Effects offers a 2D/3D layer option. In Viz Artist there is one camera per Scene. This means that each time 2D and 3D layers are mixed in the composition the import needs to create a new sub-scene (-> GFX Channel) to set a camera accordingly and still maintain the correct layer z-sorting.
    • After Effects Importer: Full support for nested compositions, subcompositions are now imported as scenes instead of rendered clips. (8225)
    • After Effects Importer: Control text / control image plugins are automatically assigned for imported text and image layers. (8267, 8268)
    • After Effects Importer: Support for importing paragraph text layers, if After Effects >= 2014.2 is used. (8363)
    • Import: The dialog when importing After Effect Scenes will always be displayed for reimporting images and clips. (9100)
    • If After Effects is installed after VizEngine then the viz installer needs to be executed again in Repair mode to install the AE plugin. (7876)


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      So since CS6 was installed after Viz Artist, i have to do a Repair on the Artist/engine installer? :-(


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        Something like that. I havent used this importer yet, so cant say for sure.