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Using Trio Concepts with Ignite/Mos/TL

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  • Using Trio Concepts with Ignite/Mos/TL

    I wanted to implement Concepts for our news station so we can output different graphic looks with the same template/info, like by having Morning, Midday & Night time looks.
    We work in a MOS / Ignite / ENPS / ActiveX / TL environment. I set up some test scenes in Artist & named the folders as it appears I should (Concept=Morning, Concept=Night) & it works perfectly when I mos activate a rundown, set the Concept from the dropdown in Trio & then Take the graphics with the buttons in Trio. But because we don't have an actual Trio operator, a Director uses Ignite to call up the graphics -- & it isn't working. Ignite uses the MSE to push the content to air. So it seems like the information in the Trio's Concept dropdown isn't being invoked & sent to the MSE.

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this & could offer some help. I'm not sure if something would need to be added to all the director's TMEs or if it might be a simple issue of not having something set correctly on Trio. Thanks for any help in advance!

    Trio 3.1.1
    Artist 3.8.2
    TW 5.5.0
    Pilot 5.5
    (upgrading in 2018)

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    From my experience when working with ignite you can probably have a ignite trigger a macro to change the concepts. We have done it where ignite calls a page number to trigger a macro. The page number would be in the TME. The other way is to have the same macro triggered through a GPI which requires you to run a cable for communication between ignite and Trio.


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      Thanks for the info Shotski2!