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Live XML Feed to GUI for Sports Coverage

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  • Live XML Feed to GUI for Sports Coverage

    Hey all!

    We're covering some Ice Hockey in a couple of weeks and there will be a live XML feed full of stats which we need to pull data from. Up until now we've always done stats/scores/clocks manually or connected to a swiss clock.
    We're capable of building a GUI with template wizard but we're completely baffled by how we can translate a live XML feed into the GUI and generate stats GFX from this.

    Here's just one of the links of an example of what the feed may look like during the broadcast:

    Theres also links for game, players, goalies stats etc etc

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!


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    The one way to read XML directly into the scene would be to use DataPool DataReader plugin. But this will not be that easy as handling of the data is not simple or not enough help is available. Thanks to VIZRT.

    Other way, which I think will be the best, is to make a 3rd party application to read the XML and push data to your scenes. Here you will be able to take full control of your data. I haven't done this for TL scenes and I think you will be using TL scenes. There are greats who knows how to push data in TL scenes using 3rd party applications using c# or VBDotNet.



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      We have previously used 3rd party software with another sport and this worked great! Just budget constraints bringing in someone else to build the software, hence us taking to the Viz forum for help! Thank you for the reply!


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        Download the trioshow from this old post. There is an xml version in there too.
        That might sort you out with how to get the syntax and all working.


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          This has all been really great thank you so much! Managed to sort the script and bring in the data to the GUI so it's looking good!

          The data is only coming in once to the GUI however and not updating live. Figured it might be a connection config in Trio somewhere... any ideas?



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            Did you try to set a macro in Trio? The script only fetches the data when you actively want it to. If you go to File/Configuration/Keyboard Shortcuts and Macros then scroll down to script and make a shortcut for the script:execute_script. That should get you going.