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  • Moviz Plugin Problem

    I am having a problem with the Moviz plugin where i have a script the populates the Clip URI. That works fine but when i choose another clip from the dropdown menu the Moviz Clip Position Out does not reset itself and causes the video to loop at the previous point of the last video played. How do i get the Clip Position out to reset to the incoming video? This is the script i have below. Also is there a way to do this with the clip channel plugin??

    sub InitForm

    end sub

    sub clipChanger(sender)
    if ContentDROP.ItemIndex = 0 then
    fsVideoPath.UTF8Text = "E:\clips\Stocks_Matrox_DVCam.avi"

    elseif ContentDROP.ItemIndex = 1 then
    fsVideoPath.UTF8Text = "E:\clips\Metal_Matrox_DVCam.avi"

    elseif ContentDROP.ItemIndex = 2 then
    fsVideoPath.UTF8Text = "E:\clips\LOOP.avi"

    end if
    end sub

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    i did a quick test and i see when selecting certain different formats or intermittently.. when changing the video directory string field in MoViz it does not ALWAYS update the Clip Position Out duration... however i noticed when that happens the "Duration" field updates every time... even when the Clip OUT position does not update sometimes... (this could be dependant on the clip format or something) as this happens intermittently... However the Duration field updates every time and the Duration field and the CLIP OUT POS field is always the same.. so in that same script after setting the fsVideoPath.UTF8Text. You can add another command after that which would GET the new Duration from the Duration field and push it to the Clip POS Out field. if it stil does that then the script is getting the new value faster than the actual value takes to refresh.. for a workaround for that you can just let the viz script sleep for like 2 seconds before retrieving the new Duration amount and push that amount to the Clip OUT Pos field


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      What I do is use a little script to update that value on a buttonclick. Add this script to the container holding the MoViz Plugin.
      sub OnInitParameters()
          RegisterPushButton("setDuration", "Set duration", 0)
      end sub
      sub OnExecAction(buttonId As Integer)
          if buttonId = 0 then
              SendCommand("#" & this.vizid & "*FUNCTION*MoViz*PositionOut SET 0")
          end if
      end sub
      This will force it to update. Just add that buttonclick to your stage right before you want the clip to be shown.


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        Hi Lars,

        Works great. What would be the syntax to hit the Set Duration button with an Action Keyframe?


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          I figured it out Lars. Thanks again.