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  • Audio in TL

    Hello All,

    I am having a problem with audio in a transition logic scene. The audio plays fine when i play the scene but any other elements that come in after that cause the audio clip to start from the beginning again. I just want the audio to play and then dissolve out then i take the scene out. I tried putting the audio in the default scene with its own toggle but it still restarted from the beginning when another element came in. Please help!!!!!


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    I am sure there is an easier way, but I don't really use audio in my scenes, but, you may place your audio in a unique director (ex) audiofile & way down the timeline (ex) 5000 frames. Add multiple stop points at the beginning of this director to protect from accidental continues. Then in your scene director create an action keyframe that will show frame 5000 then continue (ex) THIS_SCENE*STAGE*DIRECTOR*AUDIOFILE SHOW F5000; THIS_SCENE*STAGE*DIRECTOR*AUDIOFILE CONTINUE;

    This way even if your audio is triggered by another element, it will stop at the stop points & not play out, only if the scene you are working with is played, will the AUDIOFILE director actually make it to the audio by bypassing the stop points with the "SHOW F5000" command & starting at that point in the timeline.


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      I still don't understand why the audio is affected even if its attached to a clip. it makes no sense.


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        Hi Fred,

        I tried your suggestion but the audio still repeats when a toggle gets triggered. The audio is not even associated with a toggle but it just restarts anyway. Any ideas?


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          What version of Viz Artist are you using? Have you tried placing the container holding the Audio Plugin on a callupScene? Then create a clip in animation in the stage with the selected clip,
          There is a couple of tricks you can try, another one would be to put the Audio clip under its own director in the stage with a Action Keyframe on frame 1 saying "THIS_DIRECTOR SHOW 0.0"..
          That command will prevent the director to play unless you use a command to place the timeline on frame 2 and continue
          Then on your callup scene you want to use to trigger the audio (sitting in the master scene on its own director), However its not a TL callup scene, its just a normal scene that you launch in the front layer that is only a scene with an empty container holding a viz script that has a button animated to trigger , the button would hold a command... something like "System.SendCommand("RENDERER*MIDDLE_LAYER*STAGE*Director*$YourAudioDirector SHOW 1.0")
          "System.SendCommand("RENDERER*MIDDLE_LAYER*STAGE*Director*$YourAudioDirector CONTINUE").

          There is quite a lot of different workarounds to play with , This was just off the top of my head..

          These workarounds are AFTER assuming that ANY toggle is triggering the audio in the master scene for some reason , I have not experienced this or tested this yet tho,
          yet another workaround could be to Animate the Audio Volume after triggering the audio to play . You can have a AudioMute Director that is just responsible for keeping audio at 0 volume when in State "O" and full volume or audible volume when in state "IN".

          i would be willing to test this if you uploaded an example

          Best Regards
          Graham Harris
          Vizrt SA
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            Hi Graham,

            I am using Artist 3.8. I did try placing the audio in a callup scene, by itself in it's own director in the default scene, using action keyframes to play the audio, but all resulted in the audio starting from the beginning when a transition logic element was triggered. I also noticed it also happened when I hit the OnAir button in Artist. Is there a way to trigger the audio from the audio clip plugin? When i hit the play button on the audio plugin it did not do it but i could not get the correct syntax to trigger the play button.I will try your suggestion of the send command.


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              I have tried all suggestions so far and the audio still starts from the beginning when a transition logic element is brought in. Anyone have any other suggestions?


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                Does anyone know the syntax to control the play and stop buttons on this portion of the audio?
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                  yes, i tested the syntax now using a vizscript plugin and registered 2 buttons ... create a viz script on the Same container that is holding the Audio plugin, then paste this code

                  sub OnInitParameters()
                  end sub

                  sub OnExecAction(buttonId As Integer)
                  if buttonId = 1 Then
                  System.SendCommand("#" & this.VizId & "*AUDIO*TEST_CLIP PLAY")

                  elseif buttonId = 2 Then
                  System.SendCommand("#" & this.VizId & "AUDIO*TEST_CLIP STOP")

                  end if
                  end Sub


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                    Hi Novacane,

                    Is there a way to hit the play and stop radio buttons with an Action Keyframe?


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                      MAIN_SCENE*TREE*$object$AudioPluginContainer*AUDIO*TEST_CLIP PLAY

                      That commands assumes that your TopMost Container in your scene hierarchy is named "object" and the container holding the Audio plugin is a direct child of that container and the name of the container holding the audio plugin is AudioPluginContainer... So just change the directory prefix there to suit your scene tree so that it is looking at the right container and then the actual command "*AUDIO*TEST_CLIP PLAY"


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                        Thanks so much. Works great!!!!