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  • Related to: Receive response from Viz via External commands

    Hi all,

    there's a lot of chat and discussion all over the Forum about getting responses back from Viz Engine from external applications which make the tcp socket connection on port 6100.

    The External Command doc refers to e.g.:
    * Get Text string : RENDERER*TREE*<NodeFullPath>*GEOM*TEXT GET

    I'm sending a command like this:
    externalCommand &= "1 CLOCK1*TIME GET " & Chr(0)
    This gets executed and returns a value but only displays it in the Viz console.

    Any further advice about how to better consume Viz responses would be very helpful!!!
    BTW: my code is VB in Visual Studio 2008

    Attached screengrab might help you understand what I'm on about...

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    Hmm doesn't look like you're doing anything wrong Viz-wise, so I'd guess there's something up with your socket code (the receive side of it).

    I'd suggest using hyperterminal (the windows accessory) - connect your vb app to that and try sending some data back and see whether your app is picking that up ok.


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      Hey Pete,

      cheers for the feedback! And the advice, I'll try that out!
      Didn't occur to me before...

      I'm considering going back to 1st principles on this one and building up the connection, send and receive code from scratch in a cut-down project to try and understand it better.



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        Hey Tony -

        Like Pete said - I've got a feeling you haven't set-up the receive part of the socket correctly. If you are working in VB.NET I can send you an example that should help.



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          Hi Tony

          There is activex component for communicating to Viz Engine, its called pwsactivex.dll
          You can ask for this component to Vizrt Support in your region




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            Hi Chris!
            ...whoops, I've not checked back on this one in months!
            A steer on the receive part of the socket would be very helpful man, cheers!

            Hi Rendra, apologies for not thanking you for your help sooner! Thanks!



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              VB.NET Example Project

              Hi Tony -

              Here's a very simple VB.NET example project:


              Let me know if you have any problems with it.



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                Hi all,
                I've read this with interest as we may have a related problem.

                We've just taken receipt of a brand new Viz engine (W7 HPZ800) and try as we have, can not get it to respond to any external command software. We've tried all our software written in VS 2005 and 2008, software written in Access 2000 and 2010, and even tried Chris's simple example.
                Our mature software works every time (as does Chris's example) with a variety of engines on XP and W7, using consistent firewall settings. The only time it fails is with this new machine which clearly suggests the problem is machine related and not software.
                The error message returned each time says the connected host has failed to respond on port 6100.
                We had a similar problem last May with a machine hired from Viz and couldn't get that to work. Is there something obvious we and Viz have missed in making the port available? We've shared folders and knocked down the firewall temporarily with no success. Or, could it be related to 64 bit W7? Does Chris's example work with 64bit Windows 7?
                Be interested to know if anyone has an idea.



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                  Hi Sean

                  Did you come right with your issue....I am having the same issue. Any ideas ????



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                    Did you check the config, under communication, Additional Comunication and set up UDP. Maybe that can help (I don't know, but I always set it up just in case)