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  • Viz via Emulation?

    Hi guys,

    I am fairly new to Viz, having taken a design position at RCS, which is one of the leaders in producing content for that platform. My specific role - as it relates to the realtime team of dedicated Viz artists - involves optimizing 3D scenes made either in-house or provided by a client to run smoothly in Viz. To that end, I frequently take the FBX exports I generate from Cinema 4D and load them into Viz to test them before I send them over to the Viz lead.

    Now, my primary workstation is a Mac (and no, I do not wish to engage in a platform war), to which I have hi-resolution monitors attached. Immediately to my right, I have a PC laptop which is my Viz station. It has a smaller screen and is not positioned ideally from an ergonomic point of view.

    So, I was wondering if Viz might be able to run effectively via OS emulation along the lines of Parallels or VM Ware. This would allow for a smoother workflow, and free up some desk space, but I know certain programs work better than others in emulated environments. Anyone have any experience with this?

    Thanks in advance for you help.

    - Will

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    Hey Will,

    I believe the only way to get Viz working on a mac is to use bootcamp (
    At my company we have viz running on mac books and mac book airs.
    We tried many different methods, like parallel or virtual box etc. but all these had problems with the graphics card drivers, something the is vital for vizrt to run.


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      Thanks Ronny. That makes sense, and is kinda what I expected. Still, didn't figure it'd hurt to ask.



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        Did this end up working for you?