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Viz Libero 6.6 released

Viz Libero 6.6 released, for details see
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Viz Story 1.3 Released

Viz Story 1.3 Released.
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Search not working using search widget

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  • Search not working using search widget

    Escenic Engine

    I am getting the below error while hitting the following url I am just simply using search widget.
    Query not working:

    I can see the results when hitting the following url.

    2012-04-02 07:51:13,218 ERROR [http-8080-12] ( solr search failed
    org.apache.solr.client.solrj.SolrServerException: Connection refused

    Thanks for your time.


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    Hi Bill,

    Have you checked the configuration for the search engine? It's actually set in various different locations (for the different ways solr is used), but the list is:


    possibly is pointing to a URL that doesn't exist (the default is 8080 I think)



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      Hi James K,

      Thank you for taking the time to respond to me.

      We are using, i have gone through ( again ) the lucy-guide.pdf ( installation & configuration sections ).

      We do have localhost:8080 / because Escenic is installed on a single instance of tomcat.

      Regarding the files that you mentioned, on searching for them it is a little strange because they exist in different locations on our file-system.



      I would have thought that they should all be under /etc/ since they are all relating to Escenic configuration ( ? )

      Anyway, on checking these files, that they were all set to localhost:8080, restarting the server and retesting search/solr, we still see the same exception(s) in the logs.

      2012-04-12 11:28:30,572 ERROR [http-8080-8] ( Error while executing search

      2012-04-12 11:28:30,565 ERROR [http-8080-8] ( solr search failed
      org.apache.solr.client.solrj.SolrServerException: Connection refused

      I do totally agree that it is a configuration issue, the problem seems to be that when solr tries to query the service, the url is bad or not configured, maybe the .properties files are not found or not in the correct location on the file-system ?

      Thanks for your time with this matter.

      Kind regards,



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        Hi Bill,

        The different locations you mention split into two categories:


        these are the example configuration files that ship with the various plugins or with the content engine itself


        this is the actual configuration file that will be loaded on startup by escenic. The easiest way to see what the actual values are that escenic is using is to look in the component browser in escenic-admin. That will show you the run time values of various properties. For example, if I look at:


        I can see that my dev escenic instance is using a solrServerURI of http://localhost:8080/solr . That screen also tells you the names of the configuration files that escenic loads to determine the end values for the properties which can be very helpful.

        One other tip would be to go into the 'logging levels' screen in escenic-admin and set the log level to DEBUG for and org.apache.solr.client. You may (hopefully!) see some helpful debug in your outlog then.


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          Hi James K,

          Thanks for your tips.

          Yes, I now understand that Escenic will read its configuration files from /etc/escenic/engine/common/

          I checked in /escenic-admin/ like you said, changed to the URL of the solrServerURI to include 8080 and it all started to work.

          I even created new directory & config file under /etc/escenic/engine/common for the, now when Escenic is started it sets the correct values of the properties variables.

          Thank you for showing me this, it has helped a great deal and we are now confident with the configuration of Escenic engine.

          Kind regards,