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  • SplitAuthor

    Soooo how do I get SplitAuthor to work? The manual says to use a ControlParameter but it doesn't get any more specific than that.
    Thanks in advance!

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    2 containers with each their font.
    First container is your author:
    Set the SplitAuthor plugin to be Username,
    Set the ControlParameter plugin to use the parameter FUNCTION*STV_SplitAuthor*author
    Set the Field Identifier to be author and the Input Value to a name.
    Set the Data Type to be text.

    Second container is your username:
    Set the SplitAuthor plugin to be User ID which is usually a @MyNameOrSomething.
    Copy your ControlParameter plugin from the other container to this one. Its identical.

    When you type in your ControlObject and the author content is e.g. Lars Henriksen @larshenriksen it will be split into the 2 containers.
    Hope this helps


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      This one I figured out this morning. I was using FUNCTION*STV_SplitAuthor*text which did me no good at all.
      Thanks for your help!