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Viz Libero 6.6 released

Viz Libero 6.6 released, for details see
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Viz Story 1.3 Released

Viz Story 1.3 Released.
For more details, check the Product updates section on our website

Documentation bundled with Viz Story 1.3 and release notes are found at Vizrt's ftp server
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DataCountdown plugin help

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  • DataCountdown plugin help

    Hello everyone, I would like to know how to create control texts for target day, target month and target year for a Scene that has a DataCountdown plugin.
    I need to be able to access and change these parameters in Content Pilot.

    I'd appreciate any advice, many thanks!

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    which viz do you run, 3.x or 2.8?


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      Hello adishin, I'm running 3.3


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        Setup some text fields in your template named Days, Months, Years, Hours, Minutes, Seconds and link the text fields to the commands to use when you click a button.

        Sub ClickSetClockCountdown(Days, Months, Years, Hours, Minutes, Seconds)
        buffer_put "-1 RENDERER*TREE*$COUNTDOWN*FUNCTION*DataCountdown*TargetDay SET " & Days
        buffer_put "-1 RENDERER*TREE*$COUNTDOWN*FUNCTION*DataCountdown*TargetMonth SET " & Months
        buffer_put "-1 RENDERER*TREE*$COUNTDOWN*FUNCTION*DataCountdown*TargetYear SET " & Years
        buffer_put "-1 RENDERER*TREE*$COUNTDOWN*FUNCTION*DataCountdown*TargetHour SET " & Hours)
        SCENE*YourPath*TREE*$COUNTDOWN*FUNCTION*DataCountdown*TargetMin SET " & Minutes
        SCENE*YourPath*TREE*$COUNTDOWN*FUNCTION*DataCountdown*TargetSec SET " & Seconds
        End Sub

        Something like this should work


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          Thanks a lot for your help guys!
          I ended up using ControlParamenter (it was easier to set up) and it worked.


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            Everything is working as expected on the scene.
            Now on the VCP template, I have created a DateTimePicker control so the user can select the countdown target date.
            The issue I'm having now is that I can't retrieve day or month or year from the DateTimePicker. All I get is a decimal number:

            'DateTimePicker: futureDate
            'ControlParam for day: dayEdit
            'ControlParam for month: monthEdit
            'ControlParam for year: yearEdit

            dayEdit.Value = futureDate.Date
            dayEdit.Text = futureDate.Date

            Depending on the date this will return a decimal like 42129.6578; I have tried doing futureDate.Value.Day and futureDate.Date.Day but the error says is not supported.


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              Issue resolved, here is the correct syntax to retrieve data from the DateTimePicker:


              Thanks to all for your support.


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                What if i need the template to autoselect todays date instead of having the Journalist choose that via DateTimePicker? The DateTimePicker shows me todays date at the bottom with a red circle around it. That is what I want it to autoselect. What parameter/syntax do i refer to here?


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                  sub Init()
                    DateTimePicker.Date = Date()
                  end sub


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                    Thanks man. You are a star


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                      Dyou have a sample scene I can look at? i'm trying this and not sure where to put the commands.


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                        I have added 2 examples for you. One for triggering an event when the time reach 0 and the other for controlling the countdown value. Hope this helps
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                          the parameter control in the datacountdown scene works great. I could swear I tried that at one point... Do you know if there is a way to have this hold at 00:00:00 until its triggered? Thanks again. You rock.


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                            Hold function

                            This is the easy way out, but it works. All you need to do is load the scene and its stuck on 00:00:00 on continue it just switches to another running countdown. It does the trick though.
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                              Hi, i try to use countdown clock with the datapool. iIt works well in Artist but when I run it through the Trio it will not work. The clock get right values but it does not count down.