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Any ‘best way’ to run background loop?

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  • Any ‘best way’ to run background loop?

    Is there a ‘best way’ to play background loops in full frame graphic in Vizrt?

    I am quite new to Vizrt and I am interested in hearing your experiences with this.

    Our backgrounds are usually created in After Effects or delivered as .tga sequences.
    The loops might be anything for 10 to 50 seconds.

    In most cases we need the loops to play on one engine – but sometimes the loops to play one more than one engine
    I have tried these methods:
    AE2VIZ (from: ) export After Effects composition to Viz Temo plugin – and works quite well for smaller loops.

    VbnTool is grade for image sequences - I downloaded my copy form here:
    When working with images sequences: What are yours experiences with storing the images on the network (machines are connected with a 10 GB network)?

    I have not experimented much with video clip yet.

    What is your preferred method of playing background loops?

    Jogvan Olsen

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    As always there are many ways to the same thing in Viz. For clips i like using the VNB tool converter because it plays well with long sequences. I tend to stay away from clips (.avi files) because i don't like the plugin when working with transition logic scenes.

    What i have started doing is having clients play out clips from Viz One. I just created a template for them to choose a clip on Viz One and play on the engine. This way i can just upload to Viz one and not deal with making a clip template.



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      For loops that are going across several scenes, we use a scene in the backlayer that holds only the loop. Then we can have TL scenes in the mainlayer and all is well. There is a script in every scene that checks if the BG layer is loaded with the loopscene and loads it if it isnt.
      Another workflow for the wall loops which have obscure resolutions like 9600x768 we have the VBN tool that compresses the imagesequences, that are loaded with the ImageClip plugin. The sequences are saved on a networkdrive and a script syncs the content from the networkdrive to that particular engines local drive.This works very well actually since you are not tied to a compression codec for video. Since it only caches a couple of frames at the time, it loads quick too.


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        Thank you for your response

        Looks like images sequences are a good solution for long loops.

        Lars are you able to share the script that check if the BG scene is loaded and load it if it isn't.

        The script script that syncs the content from the networkdrive to the local drives on engines - does it runns constanstly in the background, or is it called manualy when needed.



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          The networksync is a script i didnt have anything to do with, Its a windows functionality that just use a watchfolder on the networkdrive and then distributes the content to the studio engines.
          The scenechecking script is here.
          dim c as Container
          dim i as Integer
          'The c container holds an omo with 2 subcontainers, I could have used a boolean as this is all it is.
          'I use a ControlOmo in the template to give the option of using BG or not.
              c = Scene.FindContainer("_BG")     
          sub OnInitParameters()
              registerPushButton("check", "Check scene in back", 1)
          'remember to animate this buttonpush in the first frame on the stage.
          end sub
          sub checkContent()
              i = c.GetFunctionPluginInstance("Omo").GetParameterInt("vis_con")
              'println(14, "USE BG: 0=False/1=True " & i)
              if i == cInt(0) then
                      if sendCommand("MAIN IS_ON_AIR") = "0" then
                          'println(14, "its not on air")
                          sendCommand("SCENE_EDITOR*BACK_LAYER SET_ACTIVE 0")
                          sendCommand("RENDERER*BACK_LAYER SET_ACTIVE 0")
                      end if
          '---USE BG SCENELOOP
              elseif i == cInt(1) then    
                      if sendCommand("MAIN IS_ON_AIR") = "0" then
                          'println(14, "its not on air")
                          sendCommand("SCENE_EDITOR*BACK_LAYER SET_ACTIVE 1")
                          sendCommand("SCENE_EDITOR*BACK_LAYER SET_OBJECT SCENE*<93871163-27F6-4B84-823316BEBBBF7070>")
                          sendCommand("RENDERER*BACK_LAYER SET_ACTIVE 1")
                          sendCommand("RENDERER*BACK_LAYER SET_OBJECT SCENE*<93871163-27F6-4B84-823316BEBBBF7070>")
                      end if
              end if
          '---CHECK BG SCENE    
                  dim content as string = sendCommand("BACK_SCENE*LOCATION_PATH GET")
                  if content = ("SCENE*GRAFIK_I_PRODUKTION/VEJRET_2018/FULL/BGLoop") then
                      sendCommand("BACK_SCENE*STAGE CONTINUE;")
                  end if     
          end sub
          sub OnExecAction(buttonId As Integer)
              if buttonId = 1 then
                  'println(13, "Checking if BGLoop is loaded")
              end if
          end sub
          sub OnInit()
          end sub


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            Thank you