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Using a Git Repo on the Graphics Hub folder.

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  • Using a Git Repo on the Graphics Hub folder.

    Is it possible to use Git to share data from one Graphics Hub with a few other machines?

    Here's the what we need: We want a central Graphics Hub server in the main office that has all our scenes. Then have one or two designers in the office using that server. There should be no issues there. But we also have one person who works remotely. I'm guessing that having them connect to the GH server in the office would be too slow to be workable. So Git seemed like a good option, but I have been looking at the files in the VizGhData folder and am not confident it will work.

    I would be interested to hear from anyone that has connected remotely to a GH server. Is it a viable option?

    Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
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    A few years back we did a test with ITV Regions in the UK. The goal was to have the different GH run in sync and auto deploy changes to the other regions local installations. It worked surprisingly well and the delay was quite low. Why not have your freelancer run his own installation of GH with a 5 for free setup. Have the office GH run a DeployAgent towards the Freelancer GH to keep them in sync? Your suggestion is not a viable option as the only time you can do a copy of the files is when the GH is offline. Otherwise it will break the indexation of the database and you will not want that to happen.


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      Thanks, Lars. I will look into DeployAgent.