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TRIO: operator friendly GUI for sport coverage

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  • TRIO: operator friendly GUI for sport coverage


    I am looking for a user-friendly way to operate Trio under a handball/football match.

    I was hoping to do something like the ‘WorldCup2014Clock’ in this post

    But we do not have Template Wizard – so I am looking for solution to get similar functionality without vtw.

    What I need is:
    - A dropdown for player number – for each team
    - Four pushbuttons (goal, yellow card, red card, blue card) for each team

    In my scene I have a script, that read all the player data from a csv file and link the player number to their name and other personal data.

    In the scene I have made two dropdowns with the player numbers and buttons for yellow card, red card etc.

    When I select a player-number from the dropdown and press ex. ‘Red Card’ – I get a graphic with the players number, name and a red card.

    Can I somehow get access to these dropdowns and buttons from trio?

    Maybe I can trigger the push buttons from a macro in Trio – But how? I have never used macros in Trio, so I would really appreciate if someone would share an example or point to a good tutorial.

    Jogvan Olsen

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    Hi Jogvan,

    Yes template wizard is the one option and the other option is my preferred option which is using a C# forms application created in Visual studio, I created a football clock that is controlled from the forms application with auto extra time drop down feature ect...

    You can easily add dropdowns to a forms application that will interface with a scene using TCP client to send commands to the Viz Engine via port 6100 or using MSE_REST_API.

    There is a Viz External Commands manual that shows you wide range of commands you can use to send to Viz Via TCP to get it to do various things


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      you can istall templatewizard without installing ContentPilot and all that. Go to the ftp and download the installer to ContentPilot and only install the Wizard. In the config settings you add a N under the use database bit and it will run as a standalone app. I might be able to help you with the template, but I will need your scene to test it.


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        Thanks for your suggestions

        Unfortunately do we not have access to the Content Pilot installer in our ftp. We might need an extra license to get access to the installer.

        So I believe can't go the Template Wizard.

        A C# forms application will be a little to complicated at the moment, as I don't know C# (yet).

        So I must keep looking for a solution...



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          Whats your email, ill send you something. PM me or something


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            Hi Lars

            My mail is: