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Advice on best way to load images and/or 3d object

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  • Advice on best way to load images and/or 3d object


    I have a scene where I need to use the same 3D object several times. The scene works ok, but it is loading slow, as the 3D object is loaded several times.

    Is there a way to load the 3D object only once - and then get all the other places where the 3d object is used to refer to the one loaded?

    Or is there another way to speed up the loading process?


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    Hi Jogvan,

    In viz you mostly have a range of approaches to your disposal, the first ones that come to mind regarding loading images is

    1- using a control image plugin and pushing an external directory path to the input field.

    2- using Viz Script : 2.1 - Using this.CreateTexture("Gh path to image")
    2.2 - Using System.SendCommand( peak icon get).


    For 3D objects
    1 - you will have to import them, and then you can use "Control GEOM" to allow for operators to swop it with other Geoms OR you can place you 3d objects under a container with an OMO plugin.
    2 - Or yo can Change the geom via viz script to instantiate the selected object based on another control parameter outcome.

    You could also use code to move the one 3D object to different places in the tree hierarchy based on your needs instead of having multiple 3d objects in the scene.

    You could also create the illusion of more than one 3D object by placing the 3D object 5000 units away on the X axis and then pointing another camera to that object with the new camera feed piping to a window or polygon allowing you to show multiple objects from one object by diplaying multiple instances via texture coming from camera 2.

    You could also use multiple objects in your scene but LOD for optimization or implement a logic that would cull the 3d objects not in use and only redraw them when they are suppose to be in use. container activated/deactivated based on when needed. <- this trick i have used more in my gamedev environment than in viz though.
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      Thanks for the advice

      I will test your suggestions



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        My Pleasure , Let me know if it worked or if you got stuck