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Advice on Sports Coverage – Scoreboard data into Vizrt

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  • Advice on Sports Coverage – Scoreboard data into Vizrt


    We start covering the handball season in a couple of weeks, and plan to use Vizrt for this season. We have no sport graphic for our Vizrt yet – so we start from scratch and any advice will be much appreciated.

    In the OB van we have:
    - Single Channel Engine
    - Trio
    - Artist

    The Sport Arena uses:
    - ‘Sport In The Box’ ( )

    The plan is to make a Transition Logic scene with all the elements.

    Our biggest challenge is to get all the game info from the ‘Sport In The Box’ - including all the clocks/timers - into Vizrt.

    Do we need some special plugin to achieve this, or will the standard plugins and scripting be able to handle this?

    We have never tried this before, so any advice will be much appreciated.

    And it would be really great, if anyone is willing share at sample scene showing how to get external clock data into Vizrt.

    Thank you in advance for your help.
    Jogvan Olsen

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    I would contact them directly as they have done integration to this kind before. According to the website they have done a lot with the Swedes


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      Thank you for your responce

      I have contacted, and their resonce is:
      'I don’t know too much about how the Virtz system works and their website don’t really give that much information about its technical capabilities.'

      But they send me some information on 'Omega Swiss Timing Saturn console' which is used as timer in their system.

      This console output the clockdata to a RS422 port - which I have to figure out how to decode and get into Vizrt.

      So a long way to go...



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        Florian Brandl do you know how this could be done?


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          My current plan is to get our it support guys to write a program that:
          - receive the data from the 'Swiss Timing Saturn console'
          - convert the data to Viz Commands
          - send the Viz Commands to Vizrt using the ‘SendToSMM’ library
          - create a Transion Logic scene and use DataPool to get al the data

          Is this a viable solution?

          Will data sent via ‘SendToSMM’ work with Transion Logic scenes?


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            You can use SHM with TL, as long as you remember the fixed reference in the scene in the code.
            e.g. make a RegisterParameterContainer("MyTopMostContainer") and use your topmost container in the scene tree on that one.
            Then all the elements you want populated from SHM you refere to the topmost container from before and do a GetParameterContainer("MyTopMostContainer").FindSubContainer("MyContainerName").
            Dont use Scene.FindContainer("MyContainerName") as it will not be found in TL.
            Same with the reference to Directors, dont use Scene.Stage.FindDirector("MyDirector"). Use the fixed reference from before to point out containers and if you need their directors use the fixed reference to point to a container and use GetParameterContainer("MyTopMostContainer").FindSubContainer("MyContainerName").GetDirector() on that container to get the right Director.
            DataPool and TL tends to not be the best match though.
            If you are getting your IT guys to make a program anyway, why not just have them send the data straight to SHM via the REST API?
            Have a look at http://MyHostName:8081/#/sharedmemory
            replace MyHostName with yours or with localhost to try it out. There is documentation in there too.


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              Thank you for the guidelines to the fixed reference in the scene.
              I will talk to the IT guy about using the REST-API.